Friday, 23 September 2016

Ever Thought of Having your Wedding at the Airport?

Do you love to travel? Does your soon to be partner for life also love to travel? Maybe that’s how you two met and how love begin? No? Okay, maybe you love just love planes?

Either way, we have a fabulous idea.

Airport weddings.

We’re not talking about hoping out of the plane saying ‘I Do’ and carrying the bride through baggage claim! But we are talking about getting married on a runway or an airport hangar.

While we know Car Service Logan Airport frequent flyers use is fantastic, so is hoping out of the plane and not having to go anywhere! Okay, we know that’s unrealistic, but Pinterest is flooded with airport marriage and guess what? It looks absolutely breathtaking!

What’s so great about it? Don’t worry, we’ll share.

First off let’s start by saying that if you are a photographer or just really love taking photos or just want really amazing wedding photos, look no further! Having a wedding at an airport can have a very modernistic feel, or it can take you all the way back to a 1950’s, or practically anywhere in between. There are plenty of pictures of elegantly decorated airport wedding venues, and they also good great too!

Secondly, they have more space than our Boston Airport Limo. Seriously though, airport hangars are huge! So if you have a very large family—you’ll be sure to seat all of them.

Everyone gets their daily dose of vitamin D3. You and everyone else will be sure to get plenty of sun, but not the harsh overhead sun, as you will have plenty of shelter. Did you know compared to indoor lighting, natural daylight has been scientifically proven to promote a more positive mood?

It’s all about the props. Often airport wedding venues will let you use their prop planes as just that. It looks great in photos!

Have our Boston Limo Service take you to the place where your new life begins and you can fly!

Friday, 9 September 2016

Best Boston Wedding Venues for Artists

Boston is bustling with the arts. Whether you live here or just took a flight in and scoped out the city with car service Logan airport recommended—there is always something artsy going on in Boston. No matter if you are a visual arts type of person or a performing arts lover, this is your town.

Boston makes it easy to create a unique wedding that reflects your interest in the arts. The Washington Street Theatre District features a number of fantastic venues where performing arts take place, from opera to modern theatre. Nubury Street has tons of galleries, but many can be found throughout the city.

So if you and your partner would like to have romantic wedding weekend where you can enjoy all the art your heart desires—you’ve got it.

Artastic Wedding Venues:

Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology is a grand place for a modernist art inspired wedding. The institute’s high ceilings make for wonderful acoustics and the brilliant lighting also makes this a stunning place to say “I do.”

Jillian's Boston is another venue with more of a modern feel, the dark and rich relaxed colors and wood floors create a beautiful visual. If you have a huge family, then worry no more because Jillian's Boston can house up to 2,000 people.

The Old South Meeting House is absolutely gorgeous, it is seated in the heart of downtown Boston and is a part of the city’s history. This venue offers a lot of natural light and provides a spacious and open environment much like a church or old court house.

Hibernian Hall is a venue that can provide space for up to 350 friends and family. This venue also offers natural lighting via large arched windows. The ivory walls and beige molding create a soft, yet Victorian look that is perfect for traditional weddings.

If you are not from Boston, it is easy to scope out these stunning venues just grab reliable Boston airport transportation that can take you wherever you need to go!